Teaching women to fight today could stop rapes tomorrow

Ever since the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights released the names of the now close to 100 institutions under investigation for Title IX sexual assault violations, rape on campus has been the kind of news story that is long on horrific detail and short on clarity. The overwhelming sense is that there is a lot to be done—but no one knows quite what to do curb the high numbers of women who are sexually assaulted in this country. As Jennifer Hirsh, a Columbia University public health professor pointed out in a recent Timemagazine article, “while debate rages over how to respond to sexual assault claims, there’s been an almost deafening silence around the critical issue of effective prevention. How do we stop campus rapes from happening in the first place?” Hirsh’s frustrating conclusion? Nobody knows.


Η συνέχεια εδώ http://qz.com/425030/teaching-women-to-fight-today-could-stop-rapes-tomorrow/



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