Poet Perfectly Explains The Struggles Black Women Face At PWIs

Ten commandments for protecting your black girl magic.

There are 10 guaranteed things that black women who attend predominantly white institutions (PWIs) for college experience, according to poet Kwyn Townsend Riley.

In a poem titled “PWI 10 Commandments” which Riley posted on YouTube on Friday, she underscores several obstacles black women have to conquer on the campuses, including microagressions, destructive stereotypes and underrepresentation. As she goes down the list, her poem serves a survival guide for black girls to protect their magic.

“One. White people will touch your hair, aligning it with juvenile things like ‘Chia Pet,’ or ‘Barbie doll’ because they are appalled at the many different forms our crown can take,” Riley says in the video above. She heeds black women not to reveal the secrets their hair holds when white people ask “how do you get it to stay like that.” A simple response of “I was born this way” will suffice.

Δείτε εδώ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/poet-perfectly-explains-the-struggles-black-women-face-at-pwis_us_57334643e4b096e9f093527f



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