5 Arrested for Allegedly Keeping Autistic Woman in Cage and Planning on Forcing Her into Prostitution: Reports

Five people have been arrested after allegedly keeping an autistic woman in a cage, according to local media reports.

The woman was discovered wandering the backyard of an Amite, Louisiana, home, covered in bug bites and appearing malnourished, the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff said in a press release obtained by WDSU. Authorities say they were investigating the property after receiving an anonymous tip.

Authorities believe the woman may have been living in the makeshift shelter, which was located in the backyard, since October 2015, according to WAFB.

«She was often locked in the cage at night in order to keep her from wondering off,» the Sheriff’s Office said.

Terry Knope, 43; Raylaine Knope, 40; Taylor Knope, 18; Jody Lambert, 21; and Bridget Lambert, 19, were arrested on charges of human trafficking and cruelty to the infirm, according to The Advocate. It is not known if they have retained an attorney or if they have entered a plea.

Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια εδώ http://www.people.com/article/autistic-woman-cage-five-arrested-box



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