A father-daughter duo is into wildlife conservation through a poop-to-paper project

Mahesh and Nisha’s ElRhino has its manufacturing unit in Chaygaon village near Guwahati with 15 full-time employees (Photo: WFS)

This is a story about wildlife conservation albeit with a unique twist. For the elephants and one-horned rhinos in Assam, looks like it’s their poop to the rescue. The father-daughter duo of Mahesh and Nisha Bora are turning elephant and rhino poop into paper, which is then used to make exquisite paper products embellished with indigenous designs.

An accident, as Nisha describes it, led to the creation of their company, ElRhino, which has been in operation for two years now. The 40-year-old corporate executive, who is based in Mumbai, recalls how it was her father, a retired mining engineer, who stumbled upon an article that described how elephant excreta was being used to make paper in Rajasthan.

Διαβάστε τη συνέχεια εδώ http://www.theweekendleader.com/Culture/2475/poop-to-paper.html



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