My name is Zarghuna


I am 38 years old. There was no happiness in my childhood. When I was six years old, my brother lost a dog-fighting match and started fighting with my cousin which led to my cousin’s death. To solve the dispute between the two families, the local council decided that my family was to give a girl child to my uncle’s family in marriage.

I was only six years old at the time and was playing with friends when my father suddenly came, hugged me, and took me away from the girls I was playing with to where all the men had decided my future in my absence. My father brought me to my uncle and asked him, “This is what you want? Take her. Don’t bring her back to us. We finish our dispute here.” My uncle, who was now my father-in-law, put me on his back like I was a sack of rice and took me to his house. He left me in the yard with my mother-in-law, who was washing the clothes, and he said to her: “Take her with you. This is your daughter-in-law.” I wanted to hide when I saw the anger on my uncle’s face, but there was nowhere to hide. My uncle came to me with a short knife and said: “If you escape from the house, this is your future. I will kill you with this knife.”

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