8 tips for feminist men and allies

The club just keeps on growing: actors Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Hiddleston are members, and if they were still alive, economists John Stuart Mill and Jeremy Bentham and philosophers Denis Diderot and Charles Louis de Montesquieuwould be too. All of them are, or were, feminists, or at least supporters of feminist ideals. And that’s the real question: can men be feminists? After all, feminism is a movement by and for women (and minorities that experience discrimination). Should men even get involved?

There is no consensus within the feminist movement on the answer to that question. But the truth is, gender role expectations and stereotypes affect both men and women. So feminist issues are of concern to men too. Besides, it’s pretty difficult to build a world based on gender equality if approximately half of humanity doesn’t participate, or worse, is working against the cause. Many feminists like to use the term «ally» instead of «feminist.” But whatever term you choose, anyone who is male and wants to become active in the feminist movement needs to follow a few simple rules.

Διαβάστε τους «κανόνες» εδώ http://www.cafebabel.co.uk/society/article/8-tips-for-feminist-men-and-allies.html



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