18 Feminist Moments From The Olympics That Deserve To Win Gold

The Rio Olympics have been filled with badass women ― and many have left their feminist marks.

While there has been a fair share of sexism in Rio, it has been offset by serious girl power. From Katie Ledecky smashing world records to the super humans that are the Final Five ― these Olympic games have shown the power, perseverance and willpower of female athletes.

To honor these talented Olympians and all that they stand for, we’ve rounded up 18 of the most feminist moments to come out of the Summer Olympics. From tennis starAndy Murray reminding a reporter that women can and do dominate tennis, to a gymnastics floor routine set to a Beyoncé song, to some wonderful moments of sportsmanship, it’s been a pretty damn awesome few weeks.

Διαβάστε και για τις 18 εδώ http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/feminist-moments-from-2016-olympics-that-deserve-to-win-gold_us_57b312a6e4b0a8e150253561



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