Men take a stand for the right to unveil

Hundreds of men have shared photos on social media of themselves wearing headscarves to draw attention to Iranian women being forced to cover their hair in public

Men in Iran and all around the world have uploaded pictures under the hashtag #MenInHijab to express solidarity with their wives, female relatives and women in general. Iranian journalist and human rights activist Masih Alinejad originally launched the My Stealthy Freedom project in 2014 to encourage Iranian women to unveil on social media.

The campaign attracted a fresh wave of interest in July. Some of the men have been posing beside women without scarves – a brave move for women in Iran where the hijab has been mandatory, as has the covering of their hair, for more than 40 years.

Bernat Añaños Martinez, who took part in the #MeninHijab campaign told Positive News: “I think men should equally want a fair balance between both genders. It is not fair to have some rights for being a man and not for a woman. I am for equality but until balance is achieved, I am clearly a feminist.”

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