The teen who escaped child marriage by rapping about it

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για sonita alizadeh

Nineteen-year-old Sonita Alizadeh was just 10 and an Afghan refugee in Iran when her parents first tried to sell her into marriage. Now, through defiantly eloquent rap music, she protests against the practice of child brides

When has life really challenged you and how did you respond?

Life has always been challenging as an Afghan girl living in a war-torn country and then a refugee in poverty. My family fled to Iran when I was eight to escape the Taliban. I was denied a formal education but learned to read and write at an NGO for Afghan refugees. My family wanted to sell me into marriage to pay my brother’s dowry. I turned to the only activity that brought me comfort: I would write songs, lean my face into a microphone and rap.

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