This 7-Year-Old Girl Didn’t Let Alopecia Stop Her From Dazzling Everyone At School On Crazy Hair Day


This 7-year-old had lost all her hair due to alopecia – but that didn’t stop her from dazzling everyone at school on crazy hair day!

Gianessa Wride from Utah was diagnosed with the condition earlier this year. “There is no cure or medication she can take,” her mom, Daniella, wrote. “They can do pill steroids, but once she stops taking them the hair falls out again.” So, on crazy hair day, Gianessa’s mom came up with a unique solution so she wouldn’t miss out on the fun – she put dazzling stickers on Gianessa’s head. “It’s crazy “head” day today! I must say she looks absolutely stunning!” Daniella wrote. We totally agree. Gianessa not only rocked the style but she also proved that different is more than beautiful. Keep on shining, girl!

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